West & East Sussex professional gutter cleaning experts

Our efficient and highly rated gutter cleaning service is used by clients across Sussex. Our gutter cleaning costs are extremely competitive, offering excellent value for money.

Specialised wet and dry vacuum cleaners

Our advanced wet and dry vacuum cleaners can reach up to 30ft and can clear hard to reach gutters that ladders can't access.

Wet and dry vacuum pole system

Our advanced equipment can reach high up from ground level making it more efficient and cost effective than traditional methods that require ladders or cherry pickers.

Extremely competitive prices

Our gutter clearing process is efficient allowing us to offer competitive prices whilst still providing the highest standard of work.

Why is regular gutter cleaning important?

Keeping gutters clear of leaves and debris should be a top priority as clogged gutters can cause water damage to foundations and brickwork.

  • Water damage to building foundations
    Gutters get blocked by leaves and debris causing overflowing water which cause water damage to exterior brickwork and foundations of your home.

  • Dampness and mould growth
    Overflowing gutters causes damp ingress to external and internal walls.

  • Pest infestation
    Leaves and debris in gutters provides a hibitat for rodents, birds and insects.