Professional window cleaning services

We have a wealth of experience in window cleaning and have customers throughout West & East Sussex.

Water-fed pole system

Water-fed pole system is more efficient and cost effective than traditional methods, we can clean windows up to xx ft high without the need for ladders.

Purified water

We only use purified water that contains no total dissolved solids (TDS) to ensure no streaks and residue are left for crystal clean finish.

Affordable low cost window cleaning

Using the most advanced water-fed pole system ensures no additional or expensive equipment is needed, helping us keep costs down and passing the savings to our customers.

We only use purified water

We bring our own purified to all window cleaning jobs, our purified water contains zero total dissolved solids unlike tape water, this ensures no streaks and residue are left. It leaves a protective layer over the glass which stops dust from sticking to the glass so you will have clean windows for longer.

  • No chemicals
    With purified water there is no need for additional chemicals or soaps, providing an eco friendly approach to window cleaning.

  • No streaks and residue
    After scrubbing the windows with our specialy designed brushes we use pure water to rinse the dirty water from the glass and frames, the water will dry without any streaks or residue.

  • Protective layer
    The purified water leaves a protective layer over the glass which helps prevent dust gathering and ensuring stay cleaner for longer.

  • Water-fed pole system
    A water-fed pole system allows to reach all windows from ground level making it more efficient and cost effective with no need need for ladders or cherry pickers.

  • Deep clean
    Our specialist cleaning brushes ensure your windows are left sparking with all dirt and algae removed from glass and window frames.